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Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) in lift

Jerkless Automatic Rescue Device

ARD stands for Automatic Rescue Device, is an advanced rescue system used for rescuing passengers trapped in an elevator in case power failure. ARD is safely used to save the passengers to the nearest floor within minutes of power failure and give instant relief to the passengers
ARD, or Automatic Rescue Device, is a critical safety feature in elevators designed to rescue passengers in the event of a power failure or other emergencies. Here’s a concise overview:
Appearance: The ARD is typically a compact device installed within the elevator control system. It may consist of electronic components, sensors, and a power source such as a battery or capacitor. However, it is not directly visible to passengers as it operates within the elevator’s infrastructure.
Use: The ARD activates automatically when the elevator detects a power outage or other emergency condition that interrupts normal operation. Its primary purpose is to bring the elevator to a designated landing and open the doors to allow passengers to exit safely.
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